Business Owners
Do You Want An Accountant Who Actively Works With You To Make Your Business More Valuable?

To find out, take this quick test. If you answer YES to more than six questions, you should consider working with a new kind of accountant.


Wouldn’t it be great if your accountant:

Yes No
1 Identified opportunities for your business’s growth and improvement rather than just looking at your historical figures?

2 Provided ideas on how to make those opportunities work?
3 Helped you identify your vision for the future of your business, your goals and the steps to get you there?
4 Helped you create a regularly updated action plan to achieve those goals?
5 Charged you a yearly, all inclusive fee paid monthly, rather than an hourly rate where the longer it takes the more you pay?
6 Showed you how to better involve and build your team so they treat their work as much more than just a job?
7 Offered dynamic customer service training for your team?
8 Offered assistance on how to convert more sales over the phone or face to face?
9 Provided feedback and new ideas on your marketing and advertising to generate a much better return on your investment?
10 Helped you address management and human resources issues?
11 Built key performance indicators for your business to make it run like clockwork?
12  Proactively monitored your progress on a monthly basis so you could adjust quickly to maximise profits?
13 Helped you establish systems that allow you to take the pulse of your business, better control your activities and know exactly where you stand at all times?
14 Helped you find ways to help you work ON your business rather than IN it, so that you realise a better quality of life?
15 Worked to constantly increase your financial rewards?
16 Instituted strategies for the future — made your business a more valuable AND realisable asset by sale or succession?

If you’re ready for this kind of relationship with your accounting firm, the Business Development Consultants at Watershed can help. Instead of just focusing on “crunching the numbers,” we work with you to improve your business and your profits immediately. To discover what opportunities exist for your business, please give us your details below and we will contact you in the next couple of days. 

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